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(Citing Mel Brooks in “Young Frankenstein”)

We are EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani, the post-production firm for directors, production companies and agencies. We grew up to digital effects and work hard every-day to turn imagination into reality. We’re in the middle of a process that starts in the director’s brains and ends on screen. That’s why for any idea coming to your mind our answer will always be the same: yes, we can do it.

Thank you so much! You guys have been wonderful!

April Nocifora | Co-Producer, A Series of Unfortunate Events

You have done an amazing job on a very short schedule

Nancy St. John | VFX Producer, A Series of Unfortunate Events

First off let me tell you guys what a great job you are doing. Always a pleasure to review your work. Thank you and your team very much for all the great work. You guys knocked the shots out of the ballpark, which was a huge relief to me.

Craig Hayes | VFX Supervisor, Nine Lives

Your team did an amazing job and kept the process smooth and fluent all along the line - which was a huge help for us. I’ll personally make sure that all the supervisors I will be working with in the future know about EDI.

Nicolas Bonnell | VFX Producer, Nine Lives

They did all our VFX work on Home Invasion and did a fantastic job. If you have any work, you should definitely talk to them. Our director, Rona and Heineman, and I were super impressed. Great value.

Craig J. Flores | President Voltage Pictures, Keep Watching - Fathers and Daughters

Let me just say thank you, Rosario, Gaia and to everyone else on your team for the incredible work! It's been a real pleasure on my end being able to wake up to a folder full of amazing VFX on an almost daily basis. I hope our paths may cross in person soon so that I can thank you face-to-face. And hopefully we'll have another project to work on together in the very near future.

Sean Carter | Director, Keep Watching

Hear hear! Wonderful work guys. It was a pleasure to get shots each day. Thank you for all the great work and your thoroughness.

Michael J. Fiore | Executive Producer, Keep Watching

Truly amazing work from you all at EDI. The entire team did an incredible job. I can not thank you all enough for getting us to the finish line. I look forward to working with you all again soon.

Chris Capp | Editor, Keep Watching

You've been a pleasure working with. You and your team had great vision, could run with a concept, and took feedback exceptionally well. Can't wait to work with you again.

Samuel W. Gailey | Post-production Supervisor, Keep Watching

Thank you for such artistic and professional work.

Bernice Howes (VFX Producer, American Gods)


Bernice Howes (VFX Producer, American Gods)