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Black Adam

Direction: Jaume Collet-Serra

Plot. Black Adam is an Ancient Egyptian man enslaved and later killed, who through the power of the magician Shazam comes back to life. Now Black Adam, has been been given great powers, such as strength, agility and the ability to fly, but despite these gifts, his heart is not pure.
After being imprisoned for a long time, Black Adam is freed and will have to confront with living superheroes to understand that, not only great power, but also noble deeds and sacrifice make a man a hero.

Goal, solutions, results. As many as 190 actors but as many as 725 vfx artists for 11 post production houses worked on this film. Our collaboration started in December 2021 in which we were told which scenes we would work on. Each studio worked on very specific scenes for aesthetic consistency.

We totally reconstructed the temple and to do so we started from their concepts (related to comic books), their references and a very specific input: Babylon. From here we used as color the typical blue of lapis lazuli and a Middle Eastern but not Arab style. Much attention was paid to the textures used, which were not to evoke symbols that could be offensive for religious or cultural issues.

Another important aspect that we have taken care of is related to the lightning bolts that the protagonist gives off. Black Adam charges from within, from the symbol in his chest, and as he gets angry these discharges go outward. The challenge was to find something that could visually render the idea that the character could not hold back his anger. In the scene in question, he charges in and with lightning bolts kills all the soldiers in the room and blows up the roof.

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DC Studios, New Line Cinema, Seven Bucks Productions, Flynn Picture Company


Yuri Bartoli


Jaume Collet-Serra


Lawrence Sher

Team EDI


Gaia Bussolati


Elisabetta Rocca

"Dear Gaia and EDI VFX team, I thank you immensely for your great work on Black Adam. You have made the impossible possible and I will be forever grateful."