We like to have reality at our camera’s fingertips

Why complicate life when you can have the Grand Canyon in the studio? With Virtual Production on LED-wall you make film production easier and faster by combining real and virtual together to travel from one part of the world to another in just a few takes, other than 80 days. Watch the reel to get a taste of what we do!

Watch the reel to get a taste of what we do!

What we offer?

  • Supervision
  • Management
  • Creation Environment
  • Digital Environment
  • Post-Production

Do you want a concrete example of Virtual Production? Discover the Camera Car

Shooting a scene in a car is always hard.

In addition to the logistical and bureaucratic problems necessary to obtain permits and the authorization to block traffic on public roads, there is the very problem of filming, which involves costly and often complicated solutions, as well as the question of safety.

This is without counting any problems due to the weather.

In this field, Virtual Production is the most practical solution: it allows you to shoot in a studio, thus simplifying the problems associated with shots and camera movements, as well as the advantage of being able to use a background generated in 3D or via LIDAR scanning of the territory, directly obtaining both the illumination and the reflections perfectly coherent with the scene.

There are other cases where Virtual Production can solve complicated production problems. When, for example, considerable privacy is required on set but, at the same time, it is not possible to film in the theatre.


Why use Virtual Production?

  • Virtual Production allows camera-car shooting without closing roads and without undergoing complex organization.
  • It is useful for shooting dynamic scenes in a location that is difficult to reach or has extreme conditions (e.g., a running train, the deck of a ship, a plane or helicopter in flight)
  • It is ideal for long sequences in confined environments.
  • Camera movements like those of a Russian Arm can be achieved very easily.

What are the advantages of Virtual Production done on LED-wall versus green-screen?

The main advantages over green-screen are:

  • Dynamic lights and reflections do not have to be added in post production because they are produced directly by the LED wall.
  • The LED-wall acts as an illuminating body, allowing soft and natural lighting without the need for a complicated and inflexible setup.
  • Direction and DP have a clear reference for framing and lighting
  • Actors feel immersed in the context, which enhances their performance
  • Editing has a clearer view of the material

What is Digital Backdrop?

It is a simple setup where filmed sequences are projected onto an LED wall used as a dynamic backdrop. This allows rapid replacement of the contribution to accommodate scene needs. For example, one can easily have a view out the window where the light changes as the time of day changes.

What is Digital Translight?

Digital Translight involves the use of a stage equipped with a large LED surface.

From a penthouse with a view of Manhattan rooftops to a long sequence on a ship’s deck under the poetic light of the “golden hour,” there are many instances in which direct control

over the environment, along with the practicality of shooting in the theater, are indispensable. The major limitation of Digital Translight is in the amplitude of camera movements. This is due to the absence of parallax, since the contribution used, being two-dimensional, cannot provide it.

What is Full 3D Environment?

With Full 3D Environment instead of using shot sequences, the environment is generated with real-time 3D rendering. Thanks to a real-time tracking system, it is possible to have consistent parallax with each camera position. It is then possible to integrate the virtual scene with real elements, because thanks to camera tracking the perspective is always consistent. This, in addition, helps to amalgamate the virtual world with the real world.

Virtual Production

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