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We are a team of passionate creatives, digital artists and expert technicians who have been bringing the magic of visual effects to cinema, commercials, TV series and short films since 2001. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, we create spectacular worlds and transform extraordinary ideas into reality.

We are leaders in Italy…

EDI has worked over the years with leading Italian film and advertising directors and producers such as Gabriele Salvatores, Gabriele Muccino, Paolo Virzì, Stefano Sollima, Matteo Rovere, Gabriele Mainetti, to name a few.

…with a view towards the world

Today EDI is accredited with the Hollywood majors such as Disney America, Marvel, Dc Comics, Warner and 20th Century Studios who have entrusted us with the creation of the visual effects of their colossal.
He has also worked for numerous TV series produced by Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Starz and Fox Networks.

Award winning studio

Our work has been repeatedly awarded and nominated for the best VFX.

What do we do?


I would like to start a career in VFX but I don’t know where to start. Can you give me some advice?

The first thing to know is that anyone who wants to pursue a career in the visual effects industry will need to have some knowledge of industry standard software (Maya or Nuke are best) and when applying should send their CV along with a demo reel demonstrate this experience. To produce a show reel, you have several options: you can simply download a learning license of one of the two software and create a show reel yourself, learning and playing; alternatively, you can choose to attend a short course through a program such as that of Accaedi, the EDI academy. There are also several university courses around the world if you prefer a more traditional educational path.

What knowledge should a VFX artist have?

Photography skills, including an understanding of depth of field, shutter speed, composition and framing. ability to interpret feedback and use one’s artistic eye to make improvements. knowledge of VFX compositing software such as Nuke, Houdini and After Effects.

I am a student seeking help with my school project. Can I interview someone from EDI?

Please email recruiting@effettidigitali.it containing all relevant details including your research topic, deadline, publication or exit information and requirements for supporting images and footage .

What should I include in my showreel?

It is important that your showreel is available online as we do not accept DVD reels. It’s best if your showreel is available on a video sharing site like Vimeo, accessible across a variety of browsers and platforms.

Your showreel must showcase your best work which should be at the beginning of your showreel. Try to keep your showreel short: one and a half to two minutes is more than enough. We prefer quality over quantity.

Is there anything else I can do to help me in order to find work at EDI?

It’s a good idea to connect with us on our social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook) to keep up to date with our activities and hiring.


“Visual effects are like an orchestra. Each element must play in unison to create a perfect symphony.”

Steven Spielberg