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Thor: Love and Thunder

Direction: Taika Waititi

Plot. The film follows Thor on a journey unlike any he has faced so far, in search of inner peace. His rest, however, is interrupted by the galactic killer Gorr the God Butcher, intent on to kill all the gods to their extinction. To combat the threat, Thor relies on the help of Valkyrie , Korg and Jane Foster, who inexplicably wields her magic hammer, Mjolnir, as Mighty Thor. Together, the group embarks on an adventure cosmic quest to uncover the mystery of Gorr's revenge and stop him before it is too late.

Goal, solutions, results. We created the 3D background, the heavenly atmosphere and Thor taking flight. In addition we've created the armor in 3D of Thor in the hospital scene.

Among the main scenes the team worked on, under the supervision of Elisabetta Rocca and Stefano Leoni, there are those in which the main character Chris Hemsworth stands on the mountaintop in meditation: there the 3D background was created, the atmosphere heavenly and realized Thor taking flight on his axe.

In addition to this also in the sequence in the hospital when Thor goes to see Jane Foster, shots in which there appears to be no vfx but in fact the actor had not been wearing his armor which was then recreated in 3D and superimposed on his body throughout.

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Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Pictures


Taika Waititi


Maryann Brandon


Barry Baz Idoine

Team EDI


Stefano Leoni


Elisabetta Rocca