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La Legge di Lidia Poët

Direction: Matteo Rovere; Letizia Lamartire

Plot. In Turin in 1800, a ruling by the local Court of Appeals declared illegitimate the registration of Lidia Poët on the Bar, thus preventing her from practicing the profession simply because she was a woman. Penniless but full of pride, Lidia finds a job at her brother Enrico's law firm while she prepares the appeal to overturn the court's findings. Through a gaze that goes beyond her time, Lidia assists suspects by searching for the truth behind appearances and prejudices.

Goal, solutions, results. How has today's Turin been transformed into the Turin of the late 19th century? With a little imagination and a lot of research. We recreated the Mole, the main squares, the prison, the morgues, the theaters, the stations, and especially the villa of the Barberis family, which was reconstructed in CG and placed in the center of Piazza Cavour in Turin.

We took care of the deletion of anachronistic elements, including in the aerial views of the city with inclusion of the Mole, which at the time was still under construction.

Several elements were reconstructed in CG such as the facade of Le Nuove Prison and the surrounding setting, as well as the interiors of the scenes in the morgue and theater. In addition, elements such as the scaffold, train, bridge and station were added.

Vuoi mettere questo fantastico giardino all'italiana?

Claudio - Concept Artist

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Vieri Cecconi


Matteo Rovere, Letizia Lamartire

Team EDI


Francesco Pepe


Pasquale Vitillo