EDI signs the VFX of Thor: Love and Thunder
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EDI signs the VFX of Thor: Love and Thunder

The work of the Italian company in over 60 shots of the latest Marvel film


Over 60 shots from the film “Thor: Love and Thunder” bear the signature of EDI Italian Digital Effects. A small but important support in the ocean of ​​visual effects that animate the films of Marvel, an important milestone for the Italian company winner of the last two David di Donatello.

«It is a first step in this universe to which only a small group of companies have access. This demonstrates that Italian quality is second to none and that the efficiency we can provide is even higher than what the big Hollywood Studios are used to”, comments Francesco Grisi, CEO of EDI .

Among the main scenes that the team worked on under the supervision of Elisabetta Rocca and Stefano Leoni were those in which the protagonist Chris Hemsworth is on the top of the mountain in meditation: the 3D background was designed by EDI, and even the heavenly atmosphere and Thor taking flight with his hammer.

In addition to this also in the sequence in the hospital when Thor goes to find Jane Foster, shots in which there seems to be no vfx but in fact, the actor had not worn his armour which was therefore recreated in 3D placed superimposed on his body for the duration.

«It was very interesting – continues Grisi – to collaborate with the other companies involved in the creation of the vfx to exchange assets and contributions. Feeling part of the international community behind these films was extremely motivating and enlightening on the results that can be achieved thanks to the collaboration between talents of this level».

Working for Marvel is the dream of all those who approach visual effects. “Creating the wonderful deeds of superheroes is the apotheosis of our creativity, it is the ecosystem where our work becomes fundamental”.

There is a lot of work behind this goal. “In order to be able to work on films of this type, I went to France 28 years ago and, among other things, I had the honor of working on” Batman and Robin ”, “Fight Club” and “The Cell”. Twenty-one years ago, when I opened EDI together with Pasquale Croce, we could only dream of getting to create the effects of a superhero film here in Italy. But today I can proudly say we are providing vfx for two of the most anticipated films of this type of 2022 for the two biggest studios,” Grisi said.

A great achievement for an Italian company. “I believe that for the entire EDI team – explains the CEO of EDI – knowing that they have entered this world – without having to emigrate or provide their services to a foreign company, but by doing so from Italy, as Italians, with a local company and with a name that couldn’t be more Italian – it was a source of great pride and finally the demonstration that even from our beautiful country, by believing in it and working hard, we can compete with anyone. I hope that, thanks to this achievement, we will make a modest contribution to stop the brain drain and the next generation of talented Italian digital artists will prefer to team up and export a finished product around the world rather than going to make a piece for a foreign company ».

To speed up this process, EDI has created Accædi the training school for visual effects crafts and «also thanks to Anica who entrusted me with the development of the post-production and VFX working group, we are planning various courses at an international level to further improve the level of professionalism in Italy», concludes Grisi.

EDI signs the VFX of Thor: Love and Thunder

Date: 4 August 2022

Author: Effetti Digitali Italiani

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