Compositing Supervisor

EDI is looking for compositing supervisor to join our creative team.

The Compositing Supervisor plays a key role in driving the overall direction of the 2D department in the production of a Visual effect. He/she will be responsible for the quality control of the compositing work, ensures that project-specific requirements are met and that the general objectives set by Edi are achieved.

The compositing Supervisor manages the compositing team assigns to a project, ensures the quality of the work and contributes to the development of the compositing pipeline. In addition to managing the project as a whole, the Compositing Supervisor also monitors each shot. To do so, the Compositing Supervisor works closely with the Visual Effects Supervisor, CG Supervisor, and the Producer.

The overall aim for the Compositing Supervisor is to build and lead a team that is motivated and enthusiastic, who will create extraordinary images and take advantage of the production environment to gain experience.


Job Responsibilities:

Required skills:

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