Realtime R&D TD

We are a looking for an experienced realtime r&d td, with a particular focus on engines such as Unreal, for an exciting virtual reality project.
Duration of the project is estimated in 12 weeks and is scheduled to run from August to November.


Position Summary:
Will be contributing to the development of a realtime pipeline integrating 3d packages and Unreal in a unique workflow.
Must be able to develop customized tools to improve both the workflow efficiency and the quality of the project.
Must be familiar with writing UE4 plugins.
Be experienced with blueprints and their implementation.
Good Knowledge of Houdini and/or Alembic data formats.
Under the direction of a department supervisor he/she will be able to meet the production needs, with a positive attitude and creative flair.
Must be a team player with strong communication skills.
Will work in an artist oriented and friendly environment.
Must be able to work well under pressure and open to work flexible hours.


• 2+ Years in VFX production or game development industry.
• Good knowledge of Unreal Engine source code.
• Programming knowledge of C++ and Python required.
• Good experience with Maya, Houdini, or Max plugin and custom tools scripting.
• Familiarity with technical workflows of real time technologies required.
• HLSL programming experience a big plus.
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Graphic Arts, Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field preferred.

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